Continous Care

A continuous home care day is a day on which an individual who has elected to receive hospice care is not in an inpatient facility and receives hospice care consisting predominantly of nursing care on a continuous basis at home. Home health aide or homemaker services or both may also be provided on a continuous basis. Continuous home care is only furnished during brief periods of crisis necessary to maintain the terminally ill patient at home.


Continuous home care may be provided only during a period of crisis. A period of crisis is a period in which a patient requires continuous care which is primarily nursing care to achieve palliation or management of acute medical symptoms. If a patient’s caregiver has been providing a skilled level of care for the patient and the caregiver is unwilling or unable to

continue providing care, this may precipitate a period of crisis because the skills of a nurse may be needed to replace the services that had been provided by the caregiver. This type of care can also be given when a patient is in a long term care facility.

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