“To grieve means we have a sad response to loss that happens inside of us, but to mourn means the sad expression of loss is shared with those we trust to love and support us.”

– Dr. Alan Wolfelt

The Amity Bereavement program exists to help people learn how to mourn. Bereavement literally means “to be torn a-part.” The term is often used to describe the period of time after a loved one dies. Amity strongly values and is required (by Medicare and the Conditions of Participation) to provide grief support to families at least a year after their loved one dies on our service. 

Bereavement Services

  • Individual Counseling Services: One-on-One counseling with Bereaved to help with identifying unique grief needs and ways to emotionally cope with needs like depression, loneliness, anxiety, and shame.

  • Grief Support Group Services:  Participate in group sharing with fellow mourners to discover ways to emotionally cope with identified grief needs as you normalize and validate your own grief experience.

  • Phone Calls: A time to reconnect with Bereaved and assess how we can help them.

  • Emailing: Quarterly newsletter providing education and invitation to grieve with us. 

Monthly Newsletters

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